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Do you wanna start a craft blog?

Did you read that in Anna’s voice? It’s probably stuck in your head now, but that’s not a bad thing. I think all crafters should share their talent with the world, and if you need an earworm to encourage you to think about it, I got you!

All jokes aside, though, if you’re interested in sharing your cards and crafts online, click the “read more” link below for a straightforward, get-it-done, no-research-required guide on what you need.

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My favorites

These are some of my favorite projects from around the site – lots of quilling, coloring, and creating. Grab a drink, click through and Embrace your Creativity!


I’m so happy you’re here!

Copywriter by day and crafter by night. Stepmom to two, petmom to five, and wife to one heckuva great guy. I love all things paper and some things fabric. Tea is my beverage of choice, and I’ll take it hot or cold. I ink blend, die-cut, and color every day. Encouraging you to embrace your creativity in everything you do, every day!

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